Is It Okay To Take Garcinia Cambogia While Taking Other Supplements Like Vitamins Or Medications?

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We have spoken about Garcinia Cambogia quite a lot on this blog.

It’s one of the fastest-growing weight loss supplements on the market. But other than that, numerous studies have proven that it works.

So with that being said, there are a lot of persons who are interested in trying this fat burner to help them achieve their fitness goals.

But Can You Take Garcinia With Other Supplements?

If you take vitamins or even medications, it is quite normal for you to ask if you can take Garcinia Cambogia with other supplements.

After all, your health is VERY IMPORTANT and so you need to be careful with what you put in your system.

The good news however is that Garcinia Cambogia extract is a natural product and the chances of interactions with other natural substances are low.

At the recommended dosage it is considered safe for normal healthy adults, except in situations like pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Interaction between Garcinia and other natural supplements is rare, but there are some combinations that can result in adverse effects.

It is best to check with your doctor before you start taking Garcinia supplements if you are already taking other drugs/medications or supplements.

A doctor’s advice is also necessary if you are suffering from any chronic health conditions.

Some supplements may contain a combination of Garcinia and other natural weight loss products. Garcinia is also often fortified with potassium, calcium, and chromium salts to make it easier to absorb.

Sometimes these additives can interact with certain prescription drugs. Make sure that you tell your doctor the exact composition of the supplement that you are planning to take.

What You Must Know About Drug Interactions:

Garcinia With Other Supplements

There are three common outcomes when two substances interact within the body:

Substances Interaction Within The Body:

1: The substances may produce similar benefits and the combined effect could be more than what is desired or considered healthy.

In such cases, either the combination should not be taken or a dosage adjustment may be required for both substances.

2: One substance may prevent the other from functioning. As long as there are no risks to health, this combination may still be safe if a sufficient gap is maintained between the intake of the two substances.

3: The third type of interaction can cause the combination to create an undesirable effect that the body cannot handle. This kind of interaction usually results in side-effects or other health problems and the combination should not be taken.

In such cases, there should be a gap of several days before one supplement is stopped and the other one is started and it should be done only after checking with a doctor.

It is evident that combining supplements may not be the best thing to do. There are many combinations and possibilities and only a doctor can give you the right advice.

However, there are some known interactions between Garcinia and other supplements, which you should be aware of.


Garcinia And Ephedra:

Taking stimulants like Ephedra is not recommended while taking Garcinia.

The body may not be able to handle this combination and there is a risk of side-effects.

Garcinia And Antilypemics:

There is a category of supplements, called antilypemics, which lower the lipid levels in the body.

Taking Garcinia and antilypemics can theoretically cause a condition called rhabdomyolysis, which can result in the destruction of muscular tissue.

No case has been reported so far of an adverse effect while taking pure Garcinia supplements with antilypemics.

However, there was an instance when a supplement containing a combination of Garcinia with some other natural substances taken along with antilypemics resulted in this condition. There was no harm done and the symptoms disappeared when the supplements were stopped.

Garcinia And Gymnema Sylvestre:

An increased weight loss effect was observed in a clinical trial when Garcinia supplements were taken along with the extract of Australian cowplant (Gymnema sylvestre).

This combination can cause an undesirable effect and hence should be avoided.

Garcinia And Anti-diabetic Supplements:

Garcinia is known to reduce the levels of sugar in the blood.

As anti-diabetic supplements and natural substances can have the same effect, it can result in an undesirable lowering of blood sugar when taken in combination.

Garcinia And Medication For Depression:

Certain antidepressants work by controlling the amount of serotonin in the body. These are commonly called SSRI (selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors) drugs.

Garcinia is believed have an influence on the levels of serotonin. Hence, the combination can result in a higher combined effect. A doctor’s advice is necessary before taking Garcinia supplements if you are taking antidepressants.

Niacin-bound Chromium And Garcinia Supplements:

This combination can result in a higher weight loss effect than what is desired. This effect was observed in one study and hence dosage adjustments may be needed if the combination is taken.


Garcinia Cambogia is safe for most healthy people.

Always consult your doctor when taking Garcinia with other supplements or if you are taking prescription medicines or are suffering from any health conditions.

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