Fungus Key Pro Reviews ~ Does It Really Work To Get Rid Of Nail Fungus?

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If you are looking for a 100% unbiased review of Dr. chang’s fungus key pro ebook then you are in the right place.

You see, toenail fungus affects 2 to 18 percent of the global population. In fact, research shows that 35 million people worldwide suffer from this condition with its effects increases with age. Source.

So if you are suffering from some form of nail fungus, you are not alone.

The question is: Are there any effective ways to eliminate unsightly nail fungus once and for all?

Enter Fungus Key Pro – a program invented by Dr. Wu Chang. The program claims to help end this condition using natural methods that are backed by 3 documented clinical cases.

How true are these claims though?

Does Dr. chang’s fungus key protocol really work to get rid of nail fungus for good?

Here’s an unbiased analysis based on several Fungus Key Pro reviews.

Below we are going to take a detailed look at the Fungus Key Pro (pdf) system and how it works. This will give you a deeper understanding of the system so you can make an informed decision whether or not it is right for you.

Fungus Key Pro Reviews

A Closer Look At This ‘So-Called’ Nail Fungus Cure

Fungus Key Pro Reviews

There is very little information about the fungus key pro system. In fact, the sales video posted on their website does not talk much about the “magic” behind it.

There are claims that this system uses Vietnamese remedies to permanently wipe out toe and nail fungus. All you apparently need to do is follow a step-by-step fungus free protocol for about 10 minutes every day and the fungus key pro ingredients will handle the rest.

It claims to supercharge your immune system (regardless of your medical history), essentially dealing with your fungal infection from the root.

Because the treatment is natural, one does not have to worry about harmful prescriptions or the deadly side effects that come along with them. Instead, you will be able to heal your fungus using natural products like coconut oil and baking soda.

One unverified claim made by the Fungus Key Protocol sales team is that they have treated over 137,000 patients so far.

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The Truth About Nail Fungus

toenail fungus

While there are many doubts about the Fungus Key Pro, there’s no doubt that nail fungus can negatively affect your life. The gruesome condition makes you have second thoughts when you think of showing your feet in public.

Even worse, toenail fungus often turn into blood poisoning cases with 40% of those diagnosed with blood poisoning losing their lives.

This microscopic pest even causes pus-filled lumps and bumps to form all over your body. In worse case scenarios, it can lead to diarrhea and the risk of meningitis.

Next thing you know; you find yourself in a hospital bed. Yet the disease is extremely contagious and anyone of us can be a victim.

But What Causes Fungus In The First Place?

There are tens of different fungal infections that can take over your body. Generally, most of these are picked up in public places especially when you walk barefoot, share shoes or socks.

Usually, the infection starts out as a small blemish on your toe gradually growing into a large unsightly brittle surface under the cover and warmth of your shoes.

Of these types tinea pedis (athlete’s foot) is the most common.

It starts attacking the skin of your feet and gradually moves into your nails leaving them with a whitish-yellowish appearance. There are even cases where the nails crumble.

On the other hand, there are a number of fungus attacks that specifically attack your toes – common examples include:

  • distal subungual onychomycosis (DSO),
  • candida onychomycosis and
  • white superficial onychomycosis (WSO).

What We Know (So Far) About Dr Chang’s Fungus Key Pro Book

fungus key pro pdfAll we know is that the fungus key pro is based on ancient Vietnamese practices, which comprise ingredients like coconut oil and baking soda.

Baking soda is widely reputed for its anti-fungal properties.

By applying baking soda, you create an alkaline environment around your nails, which discourages fungus from building up. Coconut oil, on the other hand, contains Caprylic acid, which is a natural antimicrobial pesticide.

Health care centers and schools use Caprylic acid as a disinfectant for cleaning.

The only worry we have with these fungus key pro ingredients is that they do more of a preventive job than a curative one.

Yes they may prevent your toenail fungus from spreading but they certainly won’t cure the infection .

This is a far cry from recommended anti-fungal medications such as ZetaClear or Clotrimazole which works by interfering with the fungus’ cell membranes. Fungi spread by producing a substance known as ergosterol.

By disrupting the production of ergosterol, Clotrimazole creates holes in the fungal cell membrane. Once the contents of the fungi leak out through these holes, the fungi die, effectively ending the problem.

But as with any other man-made product, Clotrimazole has its own downsides as well. It should not be used during breastfeeding or pregnancy. Also, if you are sensitive to skin allergies, this may not be your best bet.

Back to our Fungus Key Pro Reviews; despite the big promises it makes, we are not yet convinced on how it does that given the fact that it uses basic home remedies.

To deal with fungus you need an inside-out method, not an outside-in one.

How Much Does The Fungus Key Pro Book Cost?

fungus key pro price

Each copy of the Fungus Protocol is priced at $37. Besides the main eBook, you also receive two bonus add-ons namely:

  • Natural Body Care and
  • Smart Cooking eBooks.

Considering the fungus Keypro pdf eBook is not a remedy by itself, we found the price unjustified.

Fortunately, like all products sold via the platform, this program comes with a 60-day refund policy. So you can independently judge for yourself.

The Bottom Line/Verdict 

If you paid close attention to the discussion above (or if you have been reading a number of genuine Fungus Key Pro reviews), I believe you’ve already got an idea of what this protocol is all about.


From experience, these types of programs tend to attract hostile feedback from customers and therefore we are not surprised to see the same happening with this one.

It’s a tricky balancing act. Therefore, we recommend if you are the quality-conscious customer who seeks better value for money, you might want to consider skipping this product.

That’s however not to say that it’s all doom and gloom with the Fungus Key Pro. You can still use it to understand how to deal with minor cases of fungus infection at home. The information contained therein is more than any other DIY nail fungus treatment guide will offer you.

But if you are facing a serious case of infection we suggest you seek other methods of treatment.

Try Zetaclear

You can also check out our ZetaClear Review is speaks about another form of anti-fungal treatment.

Have you tried out Fungus Key Pro? What kind of results did you achieve?

Whatever you experienced, share your Fungus Key Pro reviews using the comment box below.

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