What Is The Right Garcinia Cambogia Dosage For Effective Weight Loss?

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Did you know that Garcinia Cambogia will only promote weight loss when it is taken in the right dosage and at the right time?

Yes, that’s correct!

You see, there are a lot of persons who really have no idea how to take Garcinia Cambogia or what is the right Garcinia Cambogia Dosage for effective weight loss.

However, in this post, you are going to discover EVERYTHING you need to know about when and how many pills you are to take to ENSURE that you get maximum results.

So if you have been using Garcinia and you are not seeing results, pay close attention below:

How Much Garcinia Should You Take On A Daily Basis?

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 Quick Summary From The Video Above:

If you skipped the video above, here’s a brief overview of how to take Garcinia Cambogia pills to ensure you get the best results from your supplements.

  • Step #1 – Make sure you have a high-quality brand of Garcinia supplement.
  • Step #2 – Check the label of your bottle to see the serving size.
  • Step #3 – Start with a dosage of 1500mg for the first two weeks.
  • Step #4 – Take your Garcinia pill first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.
  • Step #5 – Analyze your weight loss result after two weeks and increase your dosage if you need to.

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Pro Tip:

Most Garcinia brands tend to have 2 capsules per serving size totaling 1000mg. This means each capsule will be 500mg.

So if you are taking a daily dosage of 1500mg, that would be 3 capsules daily. One before breakfast, one before lunch, and one before dinner.

IMPORTANT – Read Before Buying Garcinia

In Order To Get The Best Results From Garcinia, It Is Very Important That You Only Use A Reputable And High-Quality Brand.  If You Have Been Taking Garcinia And Not Getting Good Results, Chances Are You Are Using A Less Than Stellar Product.

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How To Take Garcinia Cambogia Pills

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When a famous Dr presented Garcinia on his show on live TV, he used words like “revolutionary weight loss system” and “miracle cure”.

It seemed a bit over the top, but a couple of months down the line word about its amazing benefits is spreading like wildfire.

The simple explanation being—it works!

He was however very categorical on the type of Garcinia he endorsed. Here is the checklist he later posted on his website for those looking for Garcinia Cambogia purchase tips to use.

  •  At least 60% HCA content.
  • Manufactured in a cGMP and FDA-approved facility.
  • Featuring the bold name “Garcinia Cambogia” on its package.
  • Made in America, kindly avoid brands made in China or other countries that don’t have clear Garcinia manufacturing guidelines.

Experts also warn against buying Garcinia that is abnormally priced.

Cases of fake Garcinia that features ingredients such as sugars, wheat, and artificial binders have in the recent past been on the rise. Such Garcinia is less efficient and may not be effective even if you are following the right dosage.

Factors Affecting Garcinia Cambogia Dosage

Factors Affecting Your Dosage

HCA Content

Hydroxycitric acid (HCA) is the main active ingredient in this supplement. As such products with high HCA contents are known to be more efficient than those which fall short of the 50% content requirement.

Most suggested dosages for Garcinia are based on an extract that contains between 50 to 60% HCA.

How Much Weight One Wants To Lose

People with huge masses of fat may require larger quantities of Garcinia than people with few fats. In other words, you need more HCA to fast-track your weight loss success.

There’s however no specific formula for determining exactly what you should consume at a particular weight level.

Type Of Food Eaten

If you eat high-calorie (high-fat foods) you are highly likely to gain fats than a person who eats low-fat foods.

If fries and snacks are your things, you probably need a slightly higher dose of HCA to begin losing weight.

What State?

Garcinia is available in two states: high-grade premium state and compound supplement state. High-grade premium Garcinia is highly effective which obviously means that you don’t need much of it to lose weight.

Compound supplement Garcinia is made up of multiple ingredients and has low levels of HCA. It goes without saying that those who use it need larger doses to meet the recommended dosage.

Garcinia In Bottle Or Capsule

There are different guidelines for using bottled and capsule Garcinia. We’re getting into those guidelines – up next.

The Right Garcinia Cambogia Dosage To Achieve Maximum Weight Loss

A typical Garcinia dose is 500 to 1,000 mg taken three times a day with plenty of water just before meals.

The recommended daily allowance for this supplement is 2,500 to 3,000 mg.

If your supplement is in capsule form you need to take two capsules per day before main meals.

The best time to take your Garcinia Cambogia Extract supplement is at least 1 hour before meals.

This is to allow enough time for HCA to start working. Your level of appetite may reduce during this period of time forcing you to eat less than you (probably) had planned for initially.

If you are not sure about exactly what quantity of Garcinia to take, you may want to call your local supplier for further guidance. Besides doing that, you can inform your doc of your decision to use this supplement.

The good news is that the consequences of an over/under dose are often mild and tolerable: dizziness, nausea, mild rash, and headaches. This, however, does not give you the lee-way to throw caution to the wind when using Garcinia products.

Not everyone qualifies to use Garcinia. If you are pregnant, below the age of 18, or diabetic, you are supposed to talk to a health expert before trying this or any other supplement (be it herbal or conventional).

Final Verdict

According to scientists, the dosage of Garcinia deemed dangerous for human consumption exceeds 5000mg. As such this supplement has a very wide margin of safety.

It is however important to follow the recommended Garcinia Cambogia dosage on your specific bottle to maximize the benefits of this revered extract.

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