Do Diet Pills Really Work And Help You To BURN Fat? If Yes, Which Ones To Choose?

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The weight loss market is a booming multi-billion industry and it is growing every year.

In fact, in one article published on ABC News, the annual revenue of the U.S weight loss industry far exceeds 20 Billion dollars.

Yes, that’s ‘BILLION‘ with a ‘B‘… Nine Zeros (20,000,000,000).

Although that number includes revenues for diet books, diet pills, and weight-loss surgeries, a HUGE percentage is attributed to the sale of diet pills or supplements.

This shouldn’t be too surprising though since most of us are always looking for an ‘easy fix’ to our weight problems.

Let’s be honest, even if you are not looking to lose weight, it’s hard to ignore all the advertisements on the newest and fastest fat buster.

We see these ads all over the internet and even on TV commercials and some companies are even using celebrities to endorse their products.

This can sometimes make the temptation to buy these products more overwhelming. Just imagine your favorite actress that you have grown to love and trust saying that she has used ‘X’ product and achieved ‘Y’ results…

Of course, you are going to want to give the product a try.

The point being advertisements and commercials for diet supplements are everywhere.

Not a day goes by without one or two of these ‘miracle pill‘ ads blowing up my Facebook news feed. So the questions I want to address in this post are:

  • Do Diet Pills Really Work?
  • Are There Diet Pills That Work Fast Without Exercise?

Will you lose weight by simply taking a particular natural weight loss diet pill and do nothing else?

The truth may shock you! Continue reading below to see why.

Drink 2 Teaspoons Of This


How Do Diet Pills Really Work?

Do Diet Pills Work

Let’s first address the elephant in the room… oh wait I mean in this article!

Before I get into the specifics, it is very IMPORTANT that you understand that there are no miracle fast weight loss pills that you can take that will automatically give you the body of your dreams.

Diet pills are called ‘supplements’ for a reason.

The idea is that you’ll take these supplements to give you that ‘extra’ edge or to ‘supplement’ your efforts when you are already following a healthy lifestyle.

By the way, that’s the only way to lose huge amounts of body fat and keep it off.

You can start by making lifestyle changes, eating a low-calorie diet to create the necessary deficit for fat loss, and incorporate lots of fruits and veggies in your meals.

However, while a healthy lifestyle is a cake in your weight loss journey, you can add a little bit of icing to top it off. And that’s where an effective fat-burning supplement will come in.

I’d like to think that on a percentage scale, 95% of your efforts will be from dieting and exercise and the next 5% will come from using diet pills/diet supplements.

From that equation, you can see why simply changing your lifestyle can produce big results but simply taking a diet pill and not changing your lifestyle will produce ‘so so’ results.

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So Do Diet Pills Really Work?

In order to answer this question, you need to understand the different categories of diet pills and what they do to help your body burn fat.

Diet pills are normally placed in one of three categories. These are:

1. Appetite Suppressants

These help to suppress your appetite making you feel full for longer periods of time. By doing so, they help to prevent overeating and making it a whole lot easier to stick to a calorie deficit without feeling hungry.

Many people have an overeating problem which leads them to eat more food than they need. As a result, their stomachs have become enlarged to hold more food, and thus they need something to help them feel full.

Taking appetite suppressants helps to solve this MAJOR problem as overeating is the main cause of weight gain.

There are many appetite suppressants on the market but one of the best and one which I highly recommend is Garcinia Cambogia. You can see the dosage requirements here and the results of past users that have used it.

2. Stimulants –

Another type of diet pill is categorized as stimulants. As the word suggests, these supplements stimulate the body to burn more calories.

They can kick start your metabolism and give you the energy you need to power through your workouts which in turn help you to burn more calories.

Caffeine is the world’s most common stimulant, and it is the foundation upon which all other stimulants are based. The downside to these pills is that you might feel a little on edge or jittery like you have had too much caffeine.

You should also refrain from taking these pills at night as they can lead to insomnia. When it comes to weight loss, sleep is very important because it is the time when your body recoups from workouts and repair damaged tissues.

So you don’t want to be taking stimulants at night as they will prevent you from getting adequate sleep which can ruin your weight loss goal.

A point to note is that Garcinia Cambogia contains no caffeine whatsoever.


3. Laxatives –

In a study done in 2016, it was found that 10.5 percent of women aged 23 to 25  have used some form of laxatives to help them lose weight. This is alarming since laxatives are not designed to be used in that way.

The idea behind laxatives as well as how they should be used is to cleanse your system to help your body better absorb nutrients.

Thus they are NOT to be used long-term.

A good laxative usage can last 1-3 days on the low end and up to 7-14 days on the high end. Prolonged usage after this could potentially cause harm to your health.

There are many different types of laxatives that are all designed to help you clean out the junk from your colon. This comes from the fact that after eating for years, some food residue tends to stick to the walls of the colon which results in poor absorption of nutrients from your foods.

So taking an effective laxative helps to solve this problem. The downside is that you will be spending a lot of time in the bathroom as the ingredients in these laxatives will make your bowels move.

An indirect end result of taking these types of supplements will also be a drop in weight on the scale. However, this will be ‘WATER WEIGHT’ and should not be mistaken as fat. This is why it is not recommended to use these pills for long-term use.

Be reminded also that you will need to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water.


Which Diet Supplement Should You Use?

All of the above types of diet pills can and should have a place in your weight loss goal when taken at the right dosages and at the right time. However, I can’t stress enough how important a healthy lifestyle is.

If you are the kind of person that is looking for a quick fix then, unfortunately, going for a diet pill and hoping for a miracle is the wrong idea.

I would suggest you learn how to calculate your daily calorie requirements and focus on creating a small deficit for weight loss.

This way you know EXACTLY how much food (calories) you should be eating in order to BURN fat and not just ‘lose weight. Your end goal should always be to burn fat.

This means that the scale will not always be your best friend.

The fact is, you can be losing fat and the scale remains the same due to other underlying factors for example increase in muscle mass if you are a newbie and started weight training or even fluctuations in water content.

The best way to track your result is to take weekly photos and compare and if possible, do a body fat percentage test and compare.

If you are losing fat, your body fat percentage should always go down.

You can also judge your result by the way your clothes fit or by taking weekly measurements. Only use the scale as a guideline as sometimes it can move slowly even though you are doing well.

The Ideal Supplementation Guide:

Once you have figured out your daily caloric intake necessary for fat loss, here’s how you should go about taking diet pills or supplements to help you create that calorie deficit and stick to it without feeling hungry all the time.

Step 1 – Start With And Effective Colon Cleanse 

Get a good laxative/colon cleanse for the first week. This is the one I recommend ==> Dr. Tobias Colon: Quick Cleanse to Support Detox, Weight Loss & Increased Energy Levels (Found On Amazon).

Step 2 – Get An Amazing Appetite Suppressant 

Invest in a good appetite suppressant such as Garcinia Cambogia to help you fight off hunger pangs so that you can stick to your daily calorie deficit.

I use and recommend the Garcinia Cambogia Plus brand that is certified with 95% HCA.

Garcinia Cambogia Plus

Step 3 – Add A Stimulant To Boost Your Workouts 

If you have started working out or plan on doing so then adding a stimulant could do wonders for your weight loss goals. Stimulants such as phenQ contain caffeine and can help you to feel more energized through your workouts.

This also helps you to push a little harder resulting in more caloric burn. The best time to take these would be at least 30 minutes before your workouts.  (Remember, do NOT take these at least 3-4 hours before bed.)

This is the safest and most guaranteed way to lose weight. And by weight I mean FAT.

From the above guide, you’ll notice that at some point you’ll be taking one of each of the three types of diet pills in the same period of your weight loss journey: Appetite suppressants, laxatives, and stimulants.

However, they are natural supplements and they will not interact with one another. It’s pretty much the same as taking different types of vitamins at the same time.

Precautions And Dangers Of Diet Pills/ Supplements

As mentioned at the start of this post, the weight loss market is a multi-billion industry. As a result, there are a lot of hyped-up products, scams, and even products that can be dangerous to your health.

Unfortunately, the FDA doesn’t regulate dietary supplements which means anyone can basically start a diet company in their back yard. Which is what’s actually happening anyways.

How To Be On The Safe Side

No one likes to get scammed or worse take a product that has diverse effects on their health. So with that being said, I want to list some precautionary measures that you can take to avoid buying useless supplements/ diet pills that don’t work.

Precaution #1 – Only Buy From Reputable Companies

It is very important that you only get your supplements from trusted companies and be careful of fly-by-night sellers.

Shop at companies that have their products third-party tested. A legitimate product is one that has been tested and proven by an independent quality control organization.

In most cases, illegitimate companies will want to skip the testing phase because they know very well that this can easily disqualify their entire investment from being sold on the market.

Normally, when companies choose to sell their products without independent quality control, there is no guarantee that those products are what they claim to be. Other than third-party testing, it is even more important that a company is independently monitored for customer reputation.

Be wary of products that are made from companies whose reputation isn’t clear. A bad reputation (or lack of reputation) are red flags and enough reasons to avoid those products.

Precaution #2 – Pay Attention To The Price

Ever heard the saying: “if something looks too good to be true it probably is“? Well, this saying is very important here as well.

If you see a product that is far too cheap, stay away from it. Something fishy may be going on. The fact is, companies have to invest huge sums of money for high-quality ingredients to put into their supplements and they also have to make a profit.

Thus, they will have to sell their supplements at a reasonable price. If you see a very cheap offer it could be a sign that the company is using low-quality ingredients.

Precaution #3 – Be Careful Of FAKE Celebrity Endorsements

It has come to my attention that a LOT of marketers are using fake celebrity endorsements to promote their products. The underlying fact is that celebrity endorsements carry a lot of weight. Even more so, a lot of persons that buy these products would not have done so had they not seen one of their favorite celebs all over the website.

Make sure you do adequate research to ensure that such endorsements are true before you fork out your hard-earned money to buy. If these marketers have to go to such extremes to sell their products then I would be cautious about what exactly they are selling.

Precaution #4 – Be Careful Of Fake Claims

A Stanford University student has scientifically proven a way to burn 37lbs in 4 weeks!

Pardon my French but the above statement sounds like BS, right?

Well, it is!

These are unscrupulous marketers making extreme fake claims to prey on your pockets so that you buy the dream of losing huge amounts of weight in a short period of time.

Sorry to say, this WILL never happen. As mentioned earlier there is no magic pill that will simply melt fat from your body if you do nothing else. So be warned and stay clear of these fake claims.

Precaution #5Make Sure You Check The Ingredients

While some diet pills do help you to lose weight when they are part of a complete weight loss plan, some will have no effect whatsoever. The reason for this is that they either don’t have high enough amounts of the specified ingredient to make them work or they are packed with binders and fillers.

So be sure to check the label of your ingredients before you buy. And if you are buying online, make sure you contact some form of support to get your questions answered. If no one responds to you then it is safe to say that you should stay away from that brand.

Precaution #6Be Careful Of Free Trial Offers – That Are NOT Free

There are a lot of supplements being marketed as free trial offers stating that you’ll pay $4.95 for shipping and the diet supplement is free. Unfortunately, this is NOT true.

Most of these free trial offers will bill your credit card in 14 days or so if you do not cancel prior to that. What’s even worse is that most of these websites make it close to impossible to cancel and then you are hit with $89 or more on your credit card. Some of these companies even go to the extent of billing you every month and you may have to end up canceling your credit cards.

Not ideal at all especially if you have other responsibilities to take care of with your card.

Conclusion And Recommendations

If you are looking to burn fat and get in the best shape of your life then indeed you should add dieting supplements to your program.

Yes, diet pills do work but only when they are part of a larger weight loss program that focuses on a healthy lifestyle which includes proper dieting and exercise.

Just be sure that you follow the supplementation guide above and take the necessary precautions when you are buying your supplements and you should be well on your way to achieving amazing results.

Don’t wait until tomorrow, get started today!

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