Ocean Bounty Supplements Review – Does It Really Work?

From a young age, your body is coded to use a certain level of blood sugar to sustain its functions.

However, as you grow older and as your lifestyle changes from an active one to a sedentary one, you are likely to suffer from hyperglycemia.

Hyperglycemia is a big medical word used to refer to high blood sugar content. As you are aware, too much of anything is poisonous and that’s true even for blood sugar.

Unfortunately, most people ignore the symptoms of this lethal condition only to end up with worse off health status.

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Doctors say that the majority of the dangerous conditions that come as a result of uncontrolled blood sugar levels can be dealt with if identified at an early age.

Ocean Bounty SupplementOne way to keep your blood sugar level in check is by using natural products that act as Blood Sugar Regulator.

Since time immemorial, communities that have to live in the wild have discovered ingenious ways to deal with their medical problems using little-known natural ingredients.

It’s no wonder cases of diabetes and obesity are hardly reported among people who stick to this “old way of doing things”.

Not that they are any superior to us (health-wise) but because they stock up on the most vital nutrients to keep their insulin levels at the optimum level.

The Ocean Bounty Supplements (Blood Sugar product) claims to bring these natural benefits to your doorstep. Being available just one click away makes this fast-rising brand even more tempting to trust.

Remember, if hyperglycemia is left unattended for too long, it can lead to a myriad of life-threatening conditions such as diabetic coma, kidney failure, brain damage, and even hearing loss.

The question, however, remains: Do Ocean Bounty Supplements – The Blood Sugar regulator work or is just another scam?

Below is an in-depth Ocean Bounty Supplements review to uncover the truth if this product really offers health benefits that go beyond stabilizing blood sugar.

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Ocean’s Bounty Supplement Reviews –

Does It Really Work To Lower Blood Sugar?

Blood Sugar Levels

The world’s problem with sugar is getting worse by the day.

In fact, by the year 2050, at least 15% of the global population will have diabetes type 2. It’s a worrying fact, but it could help to have a readily available control.

Oceans Bounty comes in as a blood sugar-regulating supplement that does not cause any serious side effects. Its basic formula is founded on a list of natural ingredients ranging from selenium to brown seaweed.

Ocean’s Bounty Supplements Ingredients

Brown Seaweeds

Irish researchers have identified that brown seaweed can safely slow down glucose release from the gut and increase insulin sensitivity.

By and large, this helps normalize blood glucose levels. Further, this rare ingredient has been found to significantly inhibit alpha-glucosidase. This ability slows down digestion and reduces the absorption of glucose into the bloodstream.

Another study published on the National Centre of Biotechnology Information checked the effects of brown seaweed in a group of men and women aged between 52 and 56 years with a BMI of 24.2.

The control group was given 12.3 grams per day of seaweed supplementation while another group was given 30.1 grams per day (2.5 times higher). At the end of the 4 week-long study, it was observed the concentration of glucose in the control group was significantly higher (at 254.4mg/dl) than in the group that took 30.1 grams of seaweed per day (at 203.1mg/dl).

Researchers have generally concluded that consistent use of seaweed supplementation can lead to up to 12% reduction in insulin. Besides that, an average 8% increase in insulin sensitivity has been reported.

Generally, this data suggests that the use of brown seaweed, one of the main ingredients found in Oceans Bounty blood sugar supplements, may play a big role in stabilizing blood glucose levels and normalizing insulin.

Further to that, this ingredient can help with metabolic syndrome and even promote weight loss.


The way we grow our fruits and vegetables nowadays robs them of one of the most important nutrients – selenium. Most of our farmers are using methods that maximize crop production while at the same time keeping the cost of production down.

In the end, we get nice looking veggies and fruits, which although tasty are less nutritious. If you continue to under-stock on selenium you will have problems with weight and blood sugar.

90% of patients who suffer pre-diabetes often have low selenium levels.

As such, by restocking this lost nutrient in your body, Ocean Bounty Blood Sugar supplement enhances your ability to absorb glucose and produce energy.

Besides that, selenium plays a big role in ridding your body of toxins such as mercury.

Ecklonia Cava

As we age – particularly as we approach mid-life – the body tends to accumulate many toxins. Some of these toxins come from the air we breathe while others are left behind by the food we eat.

In the end, a heavy accumulation of toxins leads to a slow-down in body functions, which then triggers uncontrollable weight gain and blood sugar spikes.

Well, this is the problem that Ecklonia Cava seeks to reverse. The complex ingredient is an antioxidant and it works by freeing your body up from free-radicals.

Free-radicals are harmful particles that can weaken your immune system and even cause cancer. Hence, by cleansing your body, this ingredient can go a long way in promoting the optimum functioning of the body and even prevent hyperglycemia.


Fucoidan is a polysaccharide that is harvested in among other places the surface of certain seaweed species such as kombu, wakame, and hijiki. It has been found that this ingredient is quite beneficial for the heart.

An animal study that was recently conducted showed that there was a less degree of heart injury among rats that were given fucoidan prior to being exposed to battery tests.

This study further shows that Fucoidan is rich in anticoagulant properties which means it can play a big role in controlling issues such as high blood pressure and pulmonary embolism.

Above all Fucoidan was seen to facilitate weight loss – a much-needed body change among hyperglycemic individuals.

Omega 3 and 6

Although the ingredients list of Ocean Bounty Supplements does not specify how much Omega 3 and Omega 6 is included, research shows that the two are recommended by the American Heart Association for their immense benefits on cardiac health.

Omega-3, for instance, can decrease triglyceride levels while Omega-6 enhances your immune system and calms down high blood pressure.

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Does Ocean Bounty Supplements Work?

The jury is still out on whether this supplement works or not.

The majority of the reviews we came across claim that it works although one has to stick to the recommended dosage and adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Whether its benefits are imagined or real, one thing is clear, this supplement offers a good combination of ingredients that are needed to keep the body functioning properly.

For instance, it is evident most of us suffer from a lack of selenium (characterized by fatigue) – a boost of this can go a long way in promoting restoring normalcy.

At the same time, the presence of brown seaweed and fucoidan means this supplement should be in a position to promote the breakdown of excess glucose and promote insulin resistance.

That being said, we feel that the manufacturer should have taken a step further to educate us on the quantities and ratios used to make this supplement. Otherwise, there is no doubt that the ingredients used are time-tested and proven to be effective in their own capacity.

Who Should Use The Ocean Bounty Supplement?

This is a perfect product for any person who suspects they’re consuming too much sugar in their diet. Some of the symptoms that point to high blood glucose levels include:

  • More than 180 mg/dL
  • Unexplained weight loss
  • Frequent peeing
  • Blurred vision
  • Headaches
  • Increased thirst
  • General loss of focus

You can bank on this supplement to maintain consistent energy levels throughout the day and utilize the nutrients in the food you eat much more efficiently.

On the flip-side, though, you are likely to experience some negative side effects from using this especially if you are allergic to seafood.

You may also want to avoid using it if you are on medication or if your doctor has recommended a unique hyperglycemic recovery plan for you.

Let’s Get An Overview Of The Pros And Cons To Using Ocean Bounty Supplements  To Regular Blood Sugar

  • Easy to use
  • Legitimate
  • Well packaged
  • Available online
  • Excellent customer support
  • Good list of scientifically proven ingredients
  • Can be used without prescription
  • Not suitable for individuals who are allergic to seafood

Final Words

This blood sugar kit is relatively expensive compared to other similar products available online. A closer look at it, however, reveals that it comes from one of the few legitimate manufacturers in this part of the world.

Deep Sea Nutrition, LLC is located in Colorado (7308 S. Alton Way #2A Centennial, Colorado 8800112).

The company is behind some of the best seafood supplements on the market, some of which have been reviewed and recommended on popular publications like Mother Earth Living.

Their latest innovation, “Ocean Bounty” is an all-in-one convenient pill that has totally taken the market by storm particularly due to increased customer referrals.

That being said, it is important to note that this is just a supplement and should not be used to replace a doctor’s prescription.

On a scale of five, this Ocean Bounty Blood Supplements review recommends 3.9/5 as the product has so far been proven to offer great results in the short-run although more long-term studies still need to be done.

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