Wonder Hearing Aid Review 2020 ~ Does It Really Work Or Is There A Better Option?

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Hearing is the most basic sense that everyone needs in order to live a normal day-to-day life. However, much as this sense is so important, anyone can lose it, anytime.

This can happen either due to genetics, existing illness, drug usage, head injuries, tumors, aging, or even prolonged exposure to loud noise.

Fortunately, science, and modern technology have cost-effective ways of dealing with this challenge – and that is through hearing aids.

One Well-Known Option Is The Wonder Hearing Aid.

This product is made by a USA based company. The hearing loss problem solver is covered by a 12-month warranty and the company commits to delivering it fast, reliably and safely.

With different Wonder hearing aid review articles offering diverse perspectives, it is worth digging a little bit deeper to find out the truth. That’s exactly what we seek to do in the following paragraphs.

What is Wonder Hearing Aid?

Wonder hearing Aid


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Wonder Hearing Aid is a personal sound amplifier that is designed to help reduce hearing problems. The device is available over-the-counter and no special prescription is required for it.

Some of the claims made about it are that it can even reduce fatigue, improve speech intelligibility and boost one’s confidence.

A closer look at it reveals an adjustable sound level complete with an amplification feature and a switch.

The product is shipped fully assembled and ready to use. That is definitely a big plus because you don’t have to go through the stress of assembling or even re-programming it.

Besides that, it has a noise reduction feature.

This is what mainly separates background noise from other sounds. To achieve this, the manufacturer has integrated a twelve-band digital sound processing feature.

And just in case you are worried about aesthetics, this device is available in colors such as graphite, grey and even beige – all of which can easily blend with your skin color. Another positive thing worth mentioning about this hearing aid is that it is available in two different tip sizes .

Our main worry with this package is that its warranty (1-year warranty) does not cover malfunctions such as ones caused by moisture or physical shock. This in our opinion leaves the consumer too exposed.

Could it be that the company is not ready to stand behind the quality of its products?

How Does The Wonder Hearing Aid Work?

The Wonder Hearing Aid is allegedly equipped with an advanced control unit that uses a high-level resolution microphone to understand and categorized various speech patterns.

Using this advanced technology, the device aims to help you understand conversation in less time and using less effort.

This is achieved through noise cancellation capability which filters through noise and maps out the wanted and unwanted waves. Then an opposite waveform is produced through built-in audio drivers. The two waves cancel out, leaving you with only relevant sound to listen to.

You simply need to adjust a few simple buttons on the exterior of the device in order to achieve customized audio amplification. And to give you even more control over voice quality, you can set the device to any of the following modes:

  • Conversation
  • Sports game
  • Theater
  • Music and more

What Is Included In The Package?

Each wonder hearing aid set is shipped with sound amplifiers, tubing, batteries, and two tip sizes.

Each order is packaged together with a free carrying case, tubing setup, cleaning brush and wire, 10 batteries and two kinds of Hearwell tips.

Created By Audiologists

According to their website, this product was conceptualized and created by audiologists. Whether that is true or false is something we really can’t verify.

So far, there is no mention of who these audiologists were and where they studied. That being said, when choosing a hearing aid device, it is important to consider how it was made. After all, if you choose a product that was made by people with no experience in the field, you may find the device lagging behind in a number of areas.

If it’s true that the Wonder Hearing Aid was created by experts as claimed, then you can feel confident wearing it. But again – until we know the team behind this – we can’t pass a conclusive verdict on this.


Wonder Hearing Aid ReviewsMuch as it is such an important device, you don’t really want to have it screaming out loudly about your condition. This is an aspect WonderHear designers seem to have grasped so well.

The device is small and discrete. It fits comfortably within and behind your ear. Thanks to that, you can wear it without attracting unwanted attention.

Being a comfortable fit means you can engage in your daily duties without worrying about it falling off.

Mixed Bag of Fortunes

There is no disputing; the auditory features of it are well designed. Its variety of modes also serves to improve the quality of sound. The small machine is fully digital and it is further enhanced with the presence of a directional microphone.

When it comes to customer support, though, they offer a mixed bag of surprises. Their telephone support is quite responsive through the team sounds like it’s made up of foreigners.

However, their social media support and live chat are wanting. It is also a bit worrying to see that they don’t offer a free trial or even any commitment to a money-back guarantee.

Ordinarily, a company that is confident in the quality of its products should be able to provide these two. On a positive note, they offer a 1-year warranty and their website has a privacy policy statement.

Final Verdict

We would not recommend this product due to its many short-falls.

A closer look at some of the review websites endorsing them reveals two main supplement websites both of which are not authoritative. None of these two sites provide real customer reviews because they don’t even provide a way for one to enter a review.

So far there are 13 customer complaints posted about this product on the Better Business Bureau where besides the business not being accredited, they attract an overall rating of “F”.

So to sum it up, Wonder Hearing Aid may not be a scam, but its value proposition falls short of expectations. Perhaps a better alternative, going at an almost similar price and with much better ratings, would be the Britzgo Digital Hearing Amplifiers BHA-220D.

PS. Please share below in the comments section if you have any experience with the wonder hearing aid product and if you would recommend it!

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