How To Use Turmeric For Weight Loss ~ Can This ‘SUPER-FOOD’ Help You BURN Fat?

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Can a little ancient spice commonly used in dishes around the world really help you to lose weight naturally?

You probably already know that the weight loss market is a multi-billion dollar industry with numerous products that promise to give you your desired but if you just give them a try.

From gadgets to pills to exercise equipment and even bariatric surgeries, they all make these outrageous promises but 9 out of 10 times they fail to deliver.

It’s ironic if you think about it on a deep level. The world is advancing in technology and medicine but despite these efforts, the obesity epidemic seems to be getting worse.

More and more people are finding it hard to shed those extra pounds and are really in need of a PROVEN solution.

But Is There A Proven Solution Available?

That’s a great question.

Luckily for you, we do have an answer that you’ll find very helpful and might I say very effective.

You see, when it comes to getting positive weight loss results, you have to go back to the basics. The reality is, what works for one person may not work for another because our bodies are different.

But you know what always works when it comes to losing weight effectively?

Creating a calorie deficit!

It doesn’t matter what diet of type of foods you eat, as long as you create a calorie deficit, your body will need to burn stored fat to meet its energy demands.

But this is where the problem lies.

It is not very easy to create that deficit without feeling hungry or deprived. And your will power can only last so long before you give in and start eating again.

But all hope is NOT lost!

Today I want to introduce you to an ancient spice that will fire up your metabolism, suppress your appetite, and help you to create that calorie deficit for weight loss without leaving you hungry and deprived.

Welcome To The World Of Turmeric

If you want to lose weight, the best way is to use natural ingredients.

They would ensure that your body remains in optimal health even as you shed pounds. One of the best natural ingredients that can help you lose weight is an Asian spice known as turmeric.


According to research, taking turmeric extract by mouth twice a day for three months reduces total cholesterol in your body. So if you’re overweight, turmeric helps to fight the bad cholesterol in your body.

When it comes to taking Turmeric for weight loss, it is best to take it in its natural form. However, unless you are going to cook with it every day, it is kinda impossible to get the amount needed to be effective. As such, It is recommended that you go for a natural supplement alternative.

You should look for products that have been standardized for 95% curcuminoids. The brand we recommend is Turmeric Plus.’

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How To Use Turmeric For Weight Loss

turmeric for weight loss

Use Turmeric to Fight Bad Cholesterol

Perhaps the most significant benefit of using turmeric is not only because it is good for weight loss but it also lowers bad cholesterol.

The liquid extract from turmeric can help reduces the chances of obesity. In a recent study, scientists discovered that turmeric could even counteract the adverse effects of a junk food diet.

There’s a compound in turmeric known as curcumin that is responsible for decreasing the levels of leptin and insulin resistance, which are two factors most closely associated with fat gain.

In short, taking turmeric for weight loss leads to healthy loss of fat and a decrease in insulin problems that might lead to weight gain.

Prevents Fat Accumulation

Turmeric is also great because it prevents fat accumulation, which helps you stay lean.

In one study, researchers found that curcumin inhibits the accumulation of fat in your liver and the increase in serum fetuin-A in rats that had been given a high-fat diet.

If you’re overweight, your liver synthesizes fetuin-A and then secretes it into your bloodstream. Clinical studies suggest that fetuin-A is responsible for various metabolic disorders, including insulin resistance, obesity, fatty liver, and diabetes.

The curcumin in turmeric helps to reduce liver fat and serum fetuin-A in your body, which is essential in helping you fight obesity.


Speed Up Diet-Induced Fat Loss By Using Turmeric For Weight Loss In Your Cooking

Turmeric In Cooking

If you’re on a diet and you’re trying to lose weight, using turmeric can help to speed up fat loss.

In one study, overweight people took part in a weight program that featured changes in their diets and lifestyle.

However, some of these individuals didn’t show any significant weight loss. But after these people were treated using curcumin, they showed an improved weight loss.

Turmeric will encourage your metabolism to burn fat by boosting thermogenesis, which will in turn shrink and eliminate fat that is trapped within your tissues. That is how to use turmeric for weight loss.

Turmeric Plus


Use Turmeric to Encourage Browning of White Adipose Tissue

In response to turmeric, White Adipose Tissue can undergo a process known as browning, where it takes on the characteristics of Brown Adipose Tissue.

Browning of White Adipose Tissue turns it into an energy-releasing tissue rather than a storing tissue. Turmeric can harness the thermogenic power of the uncoupling protein 1 (UCP1) and thus its ability to nullify the effects of increased energy intake.

By tilting the balance of energy from preservation to burning, turmeric can help in combating the rising obesity epidemic. It means that you can become lean and stay that way even if you were to eat excess food. It also helps to fight type 2 diabetes.


Benefits Of Using Turmeric For Weight Loss

Benefits of Turmeric for weight loss

Turmeric’s Thermogenic Action

When we talk of thermogenesis, we’re referring to increasing our metabolism, which is the process in which our body burns calories to provide us with energy to use.

And thermogenesis encourages weight loss, and increasing thermogenesis in your body by changing your diet is a practical way of managing your weight.

Turmeric for weight loss will increase your rate of metabolism and helps you to burn more calories. You can even burn the energy stored as fat, and the result is healthy weight loss.

Helps Fat Cells Self-Destruct

Another way in which turmeric helps you lose weight is to fight unwanted fat by helping fat cells to self-destruct, a process known as apoptosis or cell death.

Curcumin is the active ingredient, and it will first attach itself to your fat cells, which will now start shrinking and contracting because blood vessels that are required to create fat tissue have been suppressed.

Suppresses Inflammation Linked With Obesity

The anti-inflammatory effect of curcumin is great for losing weight because obesity-induced inflammation is what causes metabolic disorders and impairs your body’s ability to control blood sugar.

Taking turmeric helps prevent the inflammation of fat cells by inhibiting some pro-inflammatory factors.

Your adipose tissue will produce substances known as adipokines, which have an inflammatory effect. And if you are obese or have excess fat, adipokines will make your body produce oxidative stress.

When your body has this inflammatory response, it can lead to other medical conditions like diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and cardiovascular disorders.

Ingesting Turmeric is, therefore, the best way of combating the inflammatory effect of adipokines.

Improves your Oxidant Status

We’ve seen that oxidative stress can lead to obesity.

When you have increased oxidative stress, you can have increased accumulation of fatty cells. The manifestation of this condition is decreased antioxidant enzyme expression.

When oxidative stress increases, you can have metabolic syndrome, which is a collection of diseases distinguishable by weakened energy metabolism.

The curcumin in turmeric can increase the creation of various antioxidant genes, which will help to reduce oxidative stress.

Heals The Liver

Turmeric also helps to heal your liver, which is the number one fat-burning organ.

A problem arises when the liver becomes distracted by toxins found in our diet and environment. The fat-burning potential of the liver thus becomes drastically limited.

If your liver becomes clogged with excess fat, your metabolism becomes strained, and that is when you start to gain weight.

Turmeric helps to reduce liver fat, and this will go a long way in maintaining a healthy metabolism for a leaner and healthier body.

Promotes Beneficial Gut Bacteria

Your digestive tract stores around three pounds of helpful gut bacteria, which is the right balance. However, when the scale starts tipping in preference to harmful gut bacteria, that’s when we start to have inflammatory problems.

Your gut bacteria are actively involved in the immune response that causes inflammation that can also make you gain weight.

Fat cells are just like little factories producing inflammatory molecules, which reduce our metabolic function, leading to the production of additional inflammatory molecules.

It leads to a vicious cycle, but you can counteract this by using turmeric for weight loss.

Tips On How To Use Turmeric For Weight Loss

If you’re debating on how to use turmeric for weight loss, you can buy ready-made supplements; available in tablet or capsule form.

How Much Turmeric Should You Take?

You can take 400-600 milligrams of turmeric supplements three times a day, or as directed on the product label. You should look for products that have been standardized for 95% curcuminoids.

We Recommend Turmeric Plus!

Remember that when you take turmeric or curcumin orally, you should ensure that you also take it along with black pepper to make sure that it is absorbed properly in your body. You should also add black pepper when cooking with turmeric.

Turmeric Tea

Turmeric Tea can help you shed up to ten pounds within a week because it has thermogenic effects that accelerate your metabolism and helps your body burn fat faster.

It results in a quick but safe loss of weight.

The tea is also useful because it can contribute towards curing digestive problems while significantly reducing inflammation in your body.

Apart from helping you slim down, turmeric tea can also prevent cardiovascular diseases, regulate your blood sugar, and also prevent diabetes.

Preparation Of Turmeric Tea

  • Three teaspoons of turmeric powder
  • One heaped teaspoon of ground cloves
  • Two teaspoons of ground cardamom
  • Two teaspoons of ground ginger
  • One and a half liters of water
  • Honey to sweeten

Add the spices and water to your teapot and then bring it to the boil.

After the water and spices start boiling, reduce the fire, and let it simmer for ten minutes. It will allow the spices to become infused with the water.

When your brew is ready to serve, use a strainer so that you can remove any dregs. You can drink it plain, or you could add some honey to sweeten it.

If you maintain a routine of drinking turmeric tea, you will start to lose weight, and it will also help you to manage a new, leaner weight.

Cooking with Turmeric

You can also cook with turmeric because that is what the spice is mainly used for. You can add some turmeric to your scrambled eggs in the morning or toss it in with your fried vegetables.

You can also blend it in smoothies. When you add turmeric to your food, it makes delicious meals that not only help you to lose weight but also prevents your body from storing fat. Remember to add some black pepper when you cook with turmeric to give it more potency.


If you have been trying to lose weight for some time but have not gotten the results you desire, you need to ensure that you are using everything possible to your advantage. Using Turmeric for weight loss is one such advantage that is highly recommended.

While Turmeric is not a magic solution for weight loss, it does have a lot of health benefits which makes it worthwhile.

By simply drinking a cup of turmeric tea at least 3 times a week and using turmeric powder in your cooking, you can be well on your way to boosting your metabolism and speeding up your weight loss results.

What’s more, if you do not want to use turmeric in your cooking nor drink it as a tea, you can go for organic capsules. Although turmeric doesn’t have a bad taste, not everyone may like it since everyone has different preferences.

If you are such a person, you can click the link below to see the brand of Turmeric pills for weight loss that we recommend.

Turmeric Plus

PS. Let us know if you’ve ever used Turmeric for weight loss and what your results/experiences was/are!

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