Nootropics Depot Reviews: Do They Sell High Quality Products That Work?

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The world’s most popular place where you can buy nootropics (also known as smart drugs) is none other than Nootropics Depot whose official website is found at

Renowned for its wide variety of products, ranging from patented formulations to typical racetams, this store remains a trusted go-to platform for people looking to acquire authentic nootropics.

Despite this popularity, there isn’t much information about who is behind the company and their exact physical address.

Their website only suggests that the company’s location is based in Phoenix, Arizona. Nothing more. We, therefore, decided to take a deeper dive by compiling a comprehensive Nootropics Depot Review.

Nootropics Depot Review 

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First, we deal with the elephant in the room.

Why do companies like Nootropics Depot that supply the so-called “fine products” prefer to operate in near-secrecy?

Well, the answer is pretty simple.

It’s a strategy they use to cover their tracks to avoid controversy.

The owner of Nootropics Depot is a community leader on Reddit. He has in the past pledged to fund up to 5 rounds of community-run independent testing.

Fortunately, despite a minimalistic website and a severe lack of information about them, the company still remains popular among members of the nootropics community.

A close look at the r/nootropics community on Reddit reveals a series of positive recommendations.

One user posted “I personally think they’re the most reliable vendor out there today”.

Another user said “Nootropicsdepot is as reliable as it gets. They are honest and cautious.”

Yet another Reddit community member said: “They are an excellent company, no problems with any of my orders so far.

In the midst of an ocean of overwhelmingly positive Nootropics Depot Reviews, we bumped on one complaint directed at them. The aggrieved user wondered:

“The order came without any dosage information. So how much of this stuff should I take?”

The most probable reason as to why they don’t provide dosage information is to avoid the perception that the products are for human consumption.

This is so that in case of any legal issues, they can just defend themselves by saying the consignment is just a chemical compound.

What we can confirm in this Nootropics Depot review is that the site specializes in mainstream capsules and powders. The company is managed by the same people as Ceretropic. They have a strong history of community ties.

Nootropics Depot ~ Quality Control

Nootropics in house testing

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One thing that makes them so popular is the fact that they have invested in a robust, independent testing lab for all their products. Each product you buy through them is taken through rigorous high-performance liquid chromatography and Fourier transforms infrared spectroscopy testing.

Their Arizona-based labs are operated by full-time analytical chemists.

To cater to the need for third-party testing, they work with Alkemist Labs for an extra round of verification. As such, their products seem well examined. That means there’s little or no room for compromise.

Different anecdotal reports show that Nootropics Depot is reliable in its production and distribution of products. In fact, many customers were upset when the platform closed down nearly two years ago – but it is now under new management that seems to focus more on streamlining fulfillment.

Another highlight of this company is that they are very quick and handling complaints. Queries sent through the contact form on their website and on Reddit are usually fixed (quickly).

That being said, an objective nootropics depot review is all that is needed to ascertain the reliability and trustworthiness of this vendor.

Nootropics Depot ~ User Experience

Nootropics Depot

Buying from Nootropics Depot is painlessly easy. The website loads fast. It’s easy to navigate which means you can compare its tens of products effortlessly.

The checkout process is also easy and straightforward. You only need to load your cart with the products you need before heading to check out.

All payments are handled through the My Big Commerce system which accepts all major credit cards.

One important thing you need to note however is that the prices you see listed on the website are pre-tax. Fortunately, you can always rely on their handy shipping and tax calculator to get a rough idea of the final cost of each product.

If you are within the US, then you can expect to incur an additional $7.25 for shipping via the USPS. If in neighboring Canada then a small fee of $9.25 applies. Those in the UK have to pay $13.20 to have a standard-sized package delivered.

The cost might increase when you make large orders. However, a current deal that they have running will qualify you for free shipping if you spend over $50 and are located within the US or over $200 for free worldwide shipping. The company also provides same-day shipping on almost all products.

Nootropics Depot Product List

The NootropicsDepot product list is divided into four major categories: Capsules, Powders, Choline Sources and Fillers/Scales.

Nootropics Depot Capsules

Five different types of capsules are available currently and these include:

  • Choline Bitartrate – 205x650mg
  • L-Theanine & Caffeine Capsule – 60X200mg
  • Aniracetam Capsules – 60x750mg
  • Oxiracetam Capsules – 60x800mg
  • Piracetam Capsules – 120x800mg

Nootropic Depot Powders

We found 14 different kinds of powders on the platform. These range from synthetic formulas to organic ones.

  • Aniracetam Powder – 30grams
  • Bacopa Monnieri Powder – 125grams
  • Lion’s Mane Mushroom – 125grams
  • L-Phenylalanine Powder – 250grams
  • L-Theanine Free Form Amino – 30grams
  • NA-R-ALA Stabilized R-Lipoic Powder – 30grams
  • Noopept Powder – 30grams
  • Oxiracetam Powder – 30grams
  • Piracetam Powder – 125grams
  • Pure Ashwagandha Extract – 125 grams
  • Pure Inositol Powder – 125 grams
  • Rhadiola Rosea Golden Extract – 60grams
  • Uridine Monophosphate Powder – 30grams

All powders are advised as 100% pure and free of additives or fillers.

r/nootropics Choline Sources

If you are concerned about headaches that come as a result of taking nootropics, then you may want to order for some choline sources. Nootropics Depot is home to at least four choline sources namely:

  • Alpha GPC Powder – 30grams
  • CDP-Choline Powder – 30grams
  • Choline Bitatrate Capsule – 250x650mg
  • Choline Bitatrate Powder – 125grams

Coming Soon To Nootropics Depot – Fillers/Scales

The website does not list any fillers and scales. They are however expected to introduce these soon.

The Pros And Cons Of NootropicsDepot.Com 

  • Fast loading speed
  • Reputable supplier
  • Great products
  • TrustWave Approved – is using high-level security encryption between your web browser and their webserver to ensure that your personal information can be transmitted over the Internet securely.
  • Lack of clear-cut feedback loops
  • No phone line for direct contact, only Email
  • Lack of Nootropics Depot Coupon Codes

Verdict: Wrapping Up This Review makes it possible to order nootropic supplies directly through their website. You can select any product and pay through your credit card.

Their orders are usually delivered in a maximum of 5 days within the US (it takes much longer for the rest of the world).

Despite the platform achieving a good score card in terms of reputation, they have not provided a phone line for direct inquiries.

It might take a few hours to get a reply when you use the online contact form.

Nonetheless, Nootropics Depot remains a respected seller online. Many Nootropics Depot reviews endorse it for its quality products and speedy deliveries.

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