Can I Open My Garcinia Tablets and Take Them That Way?

Help! I can’t swallow pills; can I open my Garcinia tablets and take them that way?

I have tried all sorts of methods – filling my mouth with water, putting a tablet in ice cream trying to swallow – but all the time I just seem to gag.

Does this story sound familiar?

Well, you’re not alone. Rest assured that many people share your problem.

But before you rush to open your Garcinia tablet, we would recommend your first try the following simple tips.

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Tips For Swallowing Garcinia Cambogia Pills

Taking Garcinia Pills

It is pretty difficult to swallow a solid substance without first chewing it; it can seem against natural reflexes.

But since pill swallowing is likely to remain part of your health routine going forward, it is important you try to train yourself on how to swallow pills.

For instance, you can try several angles when swallowing.

A couple of tips, including some age-old techniques, can go a long way in helping you master this important life-skill.

Tips For Taking Pills Easily

Tip One Take a deep breath before placing the capsule inside your mouth.

This is normally believed to suppress natural reflexes.

 Tip Two – Put the pill on the back end of your tongue, then take a huge gulp of water.

Tilt your chin toward your chest, and swallow immediately.

 Tip Three – Place the capsule on the tip of your tongue, take a huge gulp of water, tilt your head backward and then swallow

Sometimes, combining some of the tips mentioned above could yield a remedy for you. If none of the three tips helps, it is time to consider larger issues such as the following:

Are you getting too tensed just before you put the capsule in your mouth?

If yes, then please keep in mind that tension tends to lead to a strong gag reflex. You’ll want to rely on the power of your mind to get over issues of this nature.

Try to get over tension by repeating these words to yourself “I can swallow this, I can swallow this” or “I can see the pill going down.”

Or, maybe you’re subconsciously dealing with psychological issues that made you hate swallowing tablets. May be your problem has a thing or two to do with a past event.

  • Did you choke something many years ago?
  • Did someone force you to swallow some bitter pills when you were young?

Well, chances are that your mind is subconsciously dealing with issues of this nature. So, it gets difficult to swallow pills.

The last tip to help you swallow pills as a whole would be to talk to a doctor.

There is a medical problem known as dysphagia that is linked to difficulty swallowing. If you think this could be the reason for your problem, you might consider talking with a doctor.

Keep in mind though, that if you can swallow solid food without any trouble, your food pipe might just be fine and solving your problem could just be a matter of changing your mindset towards tablets and pills.

In fact, I found this very informative video on Youtube that shows you how to properly swallow a pill.

Should I Open My Garcinia Cambogia Tablets?

When all is said and done, we finally come back to your question – should I open my Garcinia tablet for easier swallowing – well, yes you can!

Garcinia capsules are made of gelatin. As you probably are aware, gelatin does not play any role in the mechanics of delivering Garcinia Cambogia – such as other slow-release coatings.

So, it is totally OK to take the powder.

You might not like the sour taste though, so it would be perfect to drink lots of water. Most importantly, make sure you swallow all of the extracts in your mouth.

What Gelatin is Made From?

Gelatin is made from animal jelly after prolonged boiling. The main reason why pharmacists use gelatin capsules is that it ensures a long shelf-life and ease of swallowing. Besides that, gelatin is highly soluble in water and it, therefore, disintegrates easily once it gets into your stomach.

Just within minutes after swallowing, the capsule is dissolved and the extract is released into your digestive system for absorption.

There is, therefore, no problem in opening your tablet if you’re having problems swallowing it – provided you swallow the extract with lots of water.

Otherwise, we would encourage you to make good use of the tips shared in the first part of this article to avoid getting problems when swallowing pills (not just Garcinia pills).

With that being said, I’d like to ask you a quick question if I may: Have you tried garcinia personally and start to see results?

If yes I’d love to hear from you. So please leave a comment below to share your experience!

Also, if you have not yet tried Garcinia and you are thinking about it, check out our review for the top brands that we recommend.

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