Folicillium Reviews ~ Does It REALLY Work To Regrow Hair?

UPDATE: Folicillium is no longer on the market – however, we recommend Folexin which is a better product that is getting hundreds of 5-star reviews from past customers.

You can read our 100% unbiased review about Folexin here.

Our Previous Folicilluin review continues below:

“Oops! What’s happening to my head?

I’m going bald and it’s getting a little frustrating.”

Well, that’s a conversation you probably have had with yourself after noticing a significant patch gradually taking over your scalp.

A sneak peek into some Folicillium reviews reveals tales of men who suffer devastating experiences upon realizing that their hair was disappearing prematurely.

does folicillium workIt’s an experience not many want to share. Some even become recluses living under their hats. To add insult to injury, the society offers little sympathy.

When it comes to personal image, the general assumption is that men have it easy. However, thanks to factors that are beyond our control, men also have a cross to bear in the name of hair loss.

According to the US National Library of Medicine, almost 42 percent of men of all ages have what can be categorized as moderate to extensive hair loss.

The percentage is even greater among men aged 30 years and above with the records standing at 53 percent. At the root of this problem is testosterone, a male dominant hormone that metamorphoses into an androgen that attacks hair follicles.

According to a correspondent working with the Huffington Post, the hair loss treatment industry is worth a whopping $3.5 billion. In other words, it is as big as the over the counter market for cold and flu drugs.

However, approximately 99 percent of the so-called treatments don’t work at all.

Why Is This The Case?

Well, let’s leave the story of the 99 percent for another day and instead focus on the 1 percent that actually succeeds in restoring hair follicles.

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Back To Our Folicillium Review…

First off, Folicillium is touted as a hair restoration formula that works in as few as 90 days. The formula claims to provide nourishment to the affected hair follicle layers leading to the revamping of dwindling hair roots.

A daily supply of the Folicillium supplement ostensibly provides you with all the essential nutrients needed to prevent further loss of hair.

That means Folicillium takes a two-prong approach to baldness.

  • It prevents further loss of hair
  • And at the same time stimulates the production of new follicles.

Unlike other products that disrupt the natural functioning of your body, this one works from a cellular level which means it literally gets to the root of the problem.

How Does Folicillium Work To Regrow Hair?

Folicillium Reviews

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Ordinarily, you would expect a product of this stature to make some outrageous promises. However, the manufacturer seems really keen not to over-promise and under-deliver.

Its philosophy, therefore, sounds simple, short and sweet –  nourish, fortify, revitalize and promote healthier hair. 


Each time you use Folicillium, you supply an extra dose of nourishment to your scalp.

This nourishes the follicle cells and re-energizes dormant root follicles.


The ingredient-rich formula is loaded with powerful elements that help prevent hair damage.

This provides much-needed power to the hair roots – a situation that entirely resolves the perennial loss of hair.

Revitalized Regrowth

Did you know that your hair grows in cycles?

Well, Folicillium focuses on revitalizing each hair regrowth cycle in a manner that ensures your hair remains thick and healthy even with advancing age.

Healthier, Shiner Hair

The secret to healthy hair lies in restoring essential minerals and continuously supply your hair follicles with all they need to stand strong.

Using Folicillium helps accomplish this exact feat which also means you can have an easier time maintaining your desired look.

Folicillium, therefore, works in four successive stages.

The first one is commonly known as “Anagen” and it involves supply nourishing ingredients to hair stimulating sites known as sebaceous glands.

The second stage is known as “Catagen” and it comprises strengthening the hair and promoting the growth of existing hair.

Stage 3, also referred to as “Telogen”, does the job of reenergizing dormant hair follicles which then means new hair sites start to develop in bald sections of your head.

The last step, stage 4, is known as “Exogen” and it entails making the hair feel vibrant and healthier.

Ingredients of Folicillium – Hair Growth Matrix

Do you have an idea what your hair requires to remain strong and healthy with age?

Well, your hair, just like your skin tends to run out of vital supplies as we age. But as the skin wrinkles, the hair tends to pop out of the hair follicle. It is just the same way a plant withers when it runs out of water or nutritional supplies.

So to restore missing or damaged hair cells,  Folicillium provides a matrix full of peptides and energetic formula .

The formula not only restores your testosterone hormonal balance but also un-does the effects of androgen. Well, that may sound like too much theory so let us now get into the specifics.


Biotin also goes by the name Vitamin B7 and is naturally found in eggs and nuts. However, as we grow old, this vitamin tends to diminish a factor that causes discoloration and breakage of hair strands.

The truth is that Biotin plays a pivotal role in boosting hair production by stimulating the production of a protein called keratin.

Although this essential vitamin can be found in food, sometimes you need to take more of it in order to reverse effects such as balding.

Folic Acid

Although biotin is a powerhouse by itself, you need more than it alone to have healthy hair.

This is where Folic acid or Vitamin B9 comes in.

The water-soluble vitamin revitalizes the skin tissue and restores its inherent ability to support hair development.

Once again Folic acid, just like Biotin, is a natural element that is found in moderate quantities in the food that we at.

Beta Carotene

This is an antioxidant that works effectively to enhance your overall health by keeping toxic elements at a minimum. All you need to know is that as we age, our bodies tend to accumulate toxins.

For instance, testosterone eventually metamorphoses into androgen in a process that causes a gradual build-up of toxicity.

Therefore, the role of beta carotene in this formula is to restore the internal mechanism of your body to facilitate the maximum production of hair cells.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C sits at the core of collagen production.

In case you didn’t know what collagen is, then it is important to keep in mind that it is the protein that makes bones, skin, ligaments, and of course hair strands.

Besides providing the building blocks needed for your hair, vitamin C helps reduce free radicals which may harm your hair.


This is a mineral that the body requires in very small amounts. Its role is, however, not a meager one as it is mainly involved in boosting blood supply to the scalp.

Although silica deficiency is rarely reported, your body’s ability to hold onto it decreases over time.

Therefore, Folicillium focuses on maintaining adequate levels of silica to prevent hair loss that may arise from lack of it.


When to Expect Benefits After Taking Folicillium

You are required to take two pills on a regular basis, follow a healthy diet and above all avoid using any shampoo or external oil.

If you stick to these requirements for a 90-day period then you are likely to notice a significant decrease in sparseness. You will, however, need to drink lots of water in order to lock-in the long-term benefits of using this supplement.

So far, there are no side effects that have been associated with Folicillium although you might want to avoid using it if you have a chronic ailment or are pregnant.

The Pros & Cons of Using Folicillium For Hair Loss

Just like any other program out there, Folicillium is no stranger to praise and accusations. On a positive note, though, many Folicillium reviews seem to lean more towards the pros than the cons.

  • Stops the further loss of hair
  • Stimulates regrowth of hair in bald patches
  • Results in thicker, complete hair
  • Relatively easy to use
  • No side effects reported
  • Its long-term effects have not been adequately studied. However, it is worth noting that its ingredient list is mainly made up of natural products that are found in the food we eat.


Final Verdict: Wrapping Up This Folicillium Review

Folicillium is an incredible product but it certainly isn’t a quick fix. It requires you to follow a few golden rules, and with just a little bit of patience, you too can be a cut above.

Compared to other products, this restoration formula seems to take all crucial factors into consideration. Its dynamic composition of ingredients means no stones are left unturned.

Likewise, its strict adherence to natural ingredients means its largely safe for everyday use. In comparison to surgery, this method is by far safer, painless and cheaper.

But don’t take my word for it. You’ve got to try Folicillium to see for yourself.

PS. Using Folicillium to help you restore hair naturally is a safe, cost-effective and pain-free way to boost hair growth and it is one of our top recommended hair supplements.

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